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District Pangani, Region Tanga, Tanzania

A private owner sells BAC 1000 acres = > 4 km2 in Bushiri (7 km from Pangani, on a plateau over Pangani-River) for implementing Bushiri AgroCity.

The “Bushiri AgroCity Cooperative Society Limited BAC” is a registered Cooperative, seated in Pangani, Tanga Region.

BAC works in an interdisciplinary way and conducts research to develop and implement innovative concepts and answers for the sustainable use of resources. It also offers a range of services for closely linked regional and local partners.

The Board of BAC consists of highly motivated people with different religious and tribal backgrounds. They are on the way to implement a management system according to ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment).

A central aim is to foster dialectic dialogue between science and praxis. A co-operation with ECKERNFORDE TANGA UNIVERSITY [ETU] has been initiated.

Bushiri - a Historical Place

Al Bashir ibn Salim al-Harthi (executed 15 December 1889) was a wealthy merchant and plantation owner who is known for the Abushiri Revolt against the German East Africa Company, these days Tanzania. Maybe he was involved in the slave trade. The historical reality is worked up with the elders and researchers.

Video: The Farmhouse was probably Al Bushiri's home.

Hoteli Juani, Pangani

Guest-House of the late

ACA-Board Member Angelika Dahlin

on the Shore of the Indian Ocean

- open for Visitors of Bushiri AgroCity

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